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Couple’s Therapy

I use evidence based approaches to work with communication problems, stressful transition times, such as a new baby, infidelity.  Reconnecting in relationships is hard work but with time and genuine motivation, therapy usually helps.

Individual Adult Therapy

Individual Adult Therapy for those going through difficult life circumstances, stress at work, or who simply want to reach their full potential. I can help with managing symptoms of depression, anxiety and explore what might be in our way. My approach uses a combination of psychodynamic, Jungian, cognitive, attachment and psychobiological theory. My style is warm and interactive.

Early Childhood Mental Health- 3-6

Early Childhood Mental Health- 3-6 I have an additional specialty in working with children. I will perform a comprehensive assessment to determine the reason for your child’s distress.

Play Therapy

Research shows that Play Therapy enables emotional and social development. Play accompanied by talk therapy ameliorates trauma, mood disturbances, behavioral problems and provides additional resources so that children function better during stressful times in their life.

Parental Therapy or Coaching

Parental Therapy or Coaching provides support and strategies for parents who are on the front lines dealing with a challenging life situation or a challenging child.

Brief Focused Assessment

Brief Focused Assessment with children can be useful if disagreements occur over the need for therapy or other issues related to the child in a divorce. Focused assessments clarify issues so that the parents can move forward.

Forensic Therapy

Forensic Therapy for children going through separation or divorce. Separation resulting in a new family configuration is disruptive and stressful to children just like adults. Children can benefit from having a space with an objective adult outside the family system, to  help express and process complicated thoughts and feelings.


Treatment for behavioral and emotional disturbances can include individual therapy for the child along with parent support or coaching to work on issues at home.

Whether child, adult or part of a couple...

Most find that regular therapy helps one feel better, think more clearly, and gives one access their own strengths.  My goal is to provide empathy, feedback, and the best treatment possible based on my years of experience, knowledge, and the current research. I strive to be warm, to communicate openly and work with integrity.