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Couples Counseling in San Francisco

At Laurie R. Weiss PHD, we don’t want you to feel like couples counseling is a last resort to save a relationship. Instead, we ask you to think of it as the first step towards a healthier life. To request a consultation with Dr. Weiss, contact us at (415) 656-8270.

Is Couples Therapy for Me?

Laurie R. Weiss, Ph. D. has over two decades of experience working with newlyweds, long-married couples, and families alike. Over these decades she’s assisted couples struggling with large issues and has helped them thrive through therapy. She’s seen emotionally-absent husbands awaken to their marital problems. She’s seen the happiest and most well-adjusted couples walk through her door because they simply wanted to learn how to keep their arguments from turning into petty confrontations.

What we’ve long known, and what many couples around the world are learning, is that relationship counseling isn’t just for the relationships who need ‘saving’. Counseling isn’t just for lost causes. It can benefit anybody, and with Dr. Laurie Weiss, as your guide through the hard work of self-discovery, you and your significant other are guaranteed to thrive.

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Marriage Counseling: Even Healthy Families Need Help

There is still a stigma associated with any sort of therapy or counseling. When people hear that a married couple is visiting a therapist, they assume that the couple is only biding their time until parting ways.

Even the happiest couples encounter hardships––big and small. If we were to reflect on the couples we know, we might see that it wasn’t the hardships themselves that dissolved marriages, but how the couple’s dealt with them. Those that survive these hardships aren’t simply stronger or more in love than other couples. Those that survive them simply have learned how to navigate difficult conversations and how to properly communicate their feelings. Most of all, it has taught them how to listen.

It is always important to remember that no relationship is perfect. The ones that seem idyllic likely achieve their harmony through hard work, compromise, and much thoughtfulness.

Learn How to Resolve Minor Conflicts with Premarital Counseling

Many couples look back on their arguments in disbelief over how some small conflict stirred up so much trouble. Through relationship counseling, we can give you the skills to address minor problems in a non-confrontational way. Bringing unresolved issues into an unrelated conversation is never good. In the end, none of the issues are ever resolved—not even the one that inspired the initial outburst.

Family Counseling Services: Because a Marriage Is a Family

Are you and your spouse expecting a new family member soon? Even the most beloved bundle of joy can offset relationship dynamics in a way that surprises both partners in a relationship. To ensure your new beginning has the best start possible, why not devote some time to educating yourselves on the common misunderstandings and pitfalls that can arise?

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