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Couples Group Therapy in San Francisco

Couples in San Francisco are brought closer together by the relationship therapy services of Laurie R. Weiss PHD. We offer outstanding couples therapy sessions in a comfortable, inviting group setting.

In this intimate space, you and your significant other can discuss any situation or topic that is troubling your relationship. We'll work together to articulate problems and explore solutions, leaving you confident about what the future brings.

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Personalized Group Couples Counseling

Throughout a relationship, a number of issues and circumstances can take their toll on even the strongest bonds. When there is a specific problem, openness of communication is frequently the first thing to change. As a result, working through these problems can present major challenges.

Laurie R. Weiss PHD serves couples all over San Francisco with a vast range of issues, such as:

  • Marriage
  • Family planning
  • Individual and collective ambitions
  • Family matters
  • And more

The above are just some of the issues that can be addressed openly and honestly. Addictions and infidelities are other topics of discussion which our therapy can assist with.

You'll be encouraged both to speak and listen intently, considering multiple viewpoints in addition to your own. Our empathetic and insightful therapy sessions will provide the answers you need.

Group Relationship Therapy for All Couple Issues

Individual issues in a relationship affect both parties. A large part of our services involves separating the individual perspective and seeking solutions together.

We cultivate an open communication culture where no topic is off-limits. Share your occurrence with other couples who have experienced similar situations and move forward together.

Welcoming, Non-Judgmental Group Therapy Atmosphere

For many couples, discussing issues one-on-one with a therapist can be a daunting idea. That's why we offer our engaging group therapy services.

Our no-pressure atmosphere allows the opportunity to consider the struggles of other couples as well as the chance to voice some of your own. It is a supportive environment where everyone is focused on strengthening and improving.

Interact with like-minded couples and locate solutions to the problems or issues facing your relationship.

Qualified Couples Therapist Serving San Francisco

Laurie R. Weiss PHD is a qualified therapist with over two decades of experience. Her wide scope of expertise has impacted the lives of countless individuals and couples over the years. She is a credited and licensed psychologist.

You and your significant other will enjoy our empowering sessions as well as our great rates. Whether you need to work through a specific issue or simply wonder what the future holds, we can help.

Strengthen Your Bond with Leading Group Couples Therapy

The couples therapy services offered by Laurie R. Weiss PHD will prove to be exactly what your relationship needs.

With years of experience and psychological knowledge, we'll identify the underlying causes and effects of various couple issues and look to a brighter future.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more. We look forward to working together.