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Psychologist in San Francisco

Life has its share of ups and downs. Navigating them can be tricky for even the strongest of individuals. Whether you need some help adjusting to an acute problem - a job loss or sudden bereavement - or to tackle chronic mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, or low self-esteem, I offer you discreet, effective, and professional psychological help in San Francisco. Call me, Dr.Weiss, today for a consultation. I am here to support you.

Compassionate Care from San Francisco's Top Psychologist

I have built a strong reputation as one of the leading psychologists in the San Francisco Bay Area. With years of experience, I have helped innumerable clients overcome their mental health challenges, reclaim their happiness, and become healthy human beings.

The secret to my success is simple: Compassion. I combine my unbiased, expert opinion with the utmost concern for my clients, providing safe and practical counsel for everyone who walks through my doors. As a psychologist, I ensure each of my clients receives a differentiated treatment program, personalized according to their needs and circumstances.

Rest assured, you'll have a psychologist who has your interests at heart.

A Welcoming, Non-Judgmental Psychology Practice

Recognizing that you need help is hard enough. At my practice, I don't want to make it any more difficult for you to seek the treatment you need. I provide a welcoming atmosphere, an encouraging environment, and a safe space for all voices to be heard. I conduct all discussions with the utmost sensitivity. All patients - no matter their circumstances - can expect the same level of respect, care, and concern.

My clients are often at their most vulnerable when probing their inner thoughts. At all times, I respect their courage to seek help, and I strive to create an open forum for them to speak up.

All sessions are carried out discreetly under the strictest client confidentiality policies. Whatever you choose to share, you can trust that it will not go beyond the four walls of my office.

Counseling Psychologist for Mental Health

Seeking out the services of a licensed and professional psychologist may just be the first step to a healthier you and a better mind. Hundreds of clients across San Francisco have been changed for the better thanks to my compassionate and caring counseling. As a counseling psychiatrist, I work every day to help people overcome obstacles in life and to become the people they want to be in the face of the adversity they experience.


Anxiety is a debilitating and lifelong condition that can impair the lives of its sufferers without treatment. Anxiety disrupts sleep, causes individuals to miss out on opportunities or from fulfilling their dreams, and can cause a wide variety of side effects, such as panic attacks and chronic pain.

But there is good news. Anxiety is one of the most treatable mental illnesses. Working with a counseling psychologist will give you the tools to break the patterns anxiety has enforced on your life - and discover a new, healthier way of being in the world.

I use an integrative, evidence-based approach to help my clients overcome their anxiety. Combining different techniques from various psychological subdisciplines, I tailor my treatments according to what works best for each client. They're safe and confidential, and they provide consistently dependable results.


Depression saps energy and vitality from those it touches. Living with depression can be compared to carrying a heavy weight that others can't see -- it's exhausting. But it is also treatable.

When you choose my psychologist services for depression, I'll examine the root of your depression and work to make small, manageable changes that will improve your quality of life. As you learn new, healthier coping mechanisms and skills, you'll find that weight much easier to bear.

My clients consistently appreciate my empathetic, personalized approach to treating depression. I've helped them develop effective strategies to manage their depression, build their confidence, and reclaim their well-being. I can do the same for you.

Mental Health

As a licensed and professionally trained psychologist, I am available to help patients deal with a wide variety of illnesses and events that may impact mental health. Seek out my services if you need help coping with any of the following:

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Addictions and Substance Abuse
  • Infidelity and Relationship Difficulties
  • Schizophrenia and Delusions
  • Mood Disorders
  • Personality Disorders
  • Difficulties Adapting to Life's Requirements
  • Burnout and Work-Related Issues

An Experienced Children's Psychologist

I specialize in the treatment of children, adolescents, and young adults. All three age groups require their own special considerations. Academic pressure, family life, and maturity all pose unique challenges, which can often be impossible for individuals experiencing them all at once.

My expertise has helped countless children and teenagers find their inner strength, achieve success, and carve a path through one of the most arduous periods of their lifetime. I provide specialized care that treats the precise details of their predicament. By doing so, I ensure every one of my patients has the best chance at a long and prosperous life.

Devoted to Adolescent Mental Health

Whether it's pressure from school, problems at home, dealing with trauma, or the complicated problems associated with growing up and finding your place in the world, being a teenager has always been difficult. Recently, the media has been especially focused on the problems of mental health for teenagers. This has begun opening up the conversation on teen suicide, depression, and anxiety in new ways. But it's not enough. There needs to be concrete action.

In my practice, I devote special attention to adolescent mental health. Rather than prescribing medication, I use an integrative approach to address each individual as an individual within a larger context. In some cases, this may mean working alongside parents and schools - the two fundamental areas of youth socialization - to assess what may be causing the issues and to test possible solutions. It may also involve reading biological and environmental factors as determinants in development.

And while there are no quick fixes, I see the results every day. Using a combination of play, talk, and behavioral therapy, I have found that the therapeutic relationship can be a powerful medium for transformation. From peer relations to identity issues, my approach works at the general level to help individuals overcome the challenges of growing up.

Couples Counseling for Families

My approach to couples counseling focuses on learning how to communicate more effectively. Improving communication means focusing attention on how individuals understand themselves alone and within the relationship. It means learning strategies that allow couples to understand one another in deeper and more profound ways. It's not just about communicating - it's about how you express and converse with each other.

My goal is to help families build better bonds and improve the stability of life at home. The effects on children can be dramatic. By learning how to manage the stress of everyday life while maintaining a healthy and communicative relationship, parents create an environment in which children can thrive. One of my greatest joys is watching couples deepen their relationship, resolve issues, and create a home in which everyone is happy.

Individual Adult Therapy

Anxiety and depression affect everyone. There's no barrier of age, sex, gender, or race that exempts individuals from mental health problems. In my practice, I strive to create a welcoming space that emphasizes each individual as an individual with a singular set of experiences and personal history. By considering the strengths, personality, history, and each patient's objectives in therapy, my goal is to make it possible for people to live with less pain, stress, and anxiety.

With over 20 years in the field, I have had the pleasure of seeing countless success stories. Witnessing dramatic transformations in adult behavior and self-perception, seeing the ways in which people improve their own lives and become satisfied with themselves - these are the reasons that I believe in psychology and therapy.

If you feel as though something is holding you back from realizing your potential - whether that be a specific event or something you don't yet understand - give my office a call and arrange an appointment.

What Can a Licensed Psychologist Do for Me?

A psychologist does not prescribe medication but works to address issues such as anxiety, depression, and mental health through cognitive means. Using the latest developments in psychoeducation, cognitive behavioral therapy, and talk therapy, I provide effective and dependable relief from mental health difficulties, including disorders such as generalized anxiety disorder, depression, and PTSD.

I examine patterns in your life that may be causing you inadvertent harm and work to develop alternatives. I emphasize healthy practices in self-care and in relationships with others to make you feel more fulfilled and less burdened by symptoms of mental illness. I can help give you the tools you need to overcome your challenges and problems. Call today to book an appointment.

How Can I See the Best Psychologist Near Me?

To book your initial consultation, dial my number and request an appointment. All meetings are strictly confidential. I am also happy to answer any questions you may have about my services, your treatment options, and what I can do to help you.

Feel confident reaching out. A better life is possible - and you have the tools to build it for yourself. Call today.